Wonderful health benefits of chili


Chili has been known as a fruit which is bitter with pungent smell and is very difficult to eat. Perhaps because so, very few people pay attention to its benefit, but for those who like it, chili is a wonderful fruit which not only helps the meal more delicious but also bring you many health benefits.


  1. Prevent diabetes

Scientists at the University of Tasmania made a study of chili in 2001 and concluded that: Regularly eating chili can help the body control blood insulin levels, which is beneficial for those with diabetes. According to the study, those who have the habit of eating chili every meal will reduce blood sugar level more than 60% compared with those who do not eat. This may be extremely valuable information for people with diabetes.

  1. Relieve pain

In the components of chili, there is a substance called capsaicin which relates to components of the anesthetic, therefore, chili is very good for reducing pain. In addition, researchers at Harvard University (USA) said that capsaicin can be used as pain receptors without affecting nerves. That explains why many pharmaceutical companies today use chili to relieve pain, as anesthetic in the surgical process. This substance is also shown to be used as a lotion for patients with bone chronic joint and back pain effectively.

  1. Fight stomach cancer

Many people still think that eating chili increase the risk of stomach ulcers, but studies of public health institutes, Mexico denied this. They said that capsaicin, the main ingredient in chili can help fight stomach cancer, and the risk of gastric cancer is very low for people who eat chili.

  1. Improve blood circulation

Due to the high fat diet and sedentary, the circulatory system in our body is often clogged. If you regularly eat chili, it will help you detoxify the blood and lower cholesterol, helping cleanse the blood vessels. Some people also use chili tea to recover for heart attack patients and get very good efficiency.

  1. Treat flu

Chili is spicy which is very good for the immune system, just eat a little can also make your body hot and sweat. This is the reason why chili helps you treat the flu, in addition it also helps you reduce chest pain and against respiratory tract infections.

  1. Improves sleep

Australian scientists have had the experiment with 25 volunteers who ate about 30 grams of chili and the result is that all of them had a deep sleep and a longer sleep time by 30% compared with those who did not eat.



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