Wonderful benefits of honey to the body

Benefits of honey for human health have been recognized in many cultures over the centuries. Honey is one of the best foods which is easy to eat, easy to find and offers the most natural nutrition for your body. Honey has many effects, and here are its most common effects.

Wonderful benefits of honey to the body

  1. Improve exercising efficiency

There are many studies demonstrating that like an ergogenic, honey helps to increase the performance of athletes. Eating honey can help you restore glycogen, muscle recuperation and keep blood sugar levels under control after exercising. Specifically, honey adjusts the energy consumption of the body and keeps insulin levels stably.

  1. Effective for skin care

Honey is nectar which is extracted from flowers, containing 80% of sugar and many other minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, amino acids and magnesium. Honey is also rich in vitamin B and C, so it becomes a good ingredient in the lotion. Even honey is also very beneficial for skin care which helps you have a smooth and healthy skin.

  1. Effective in weight Loss

In fact, honey contains more calories than sugar, but when honey is dissolved in hot water, it will help burn fat quickly. So, for those who want to remove fat quickly from the body, they can drink the mixture of honey with lemon juice and warm water in the morning and evening.

  1. Provide abundant energy source

Each tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories while each full spoon of sugar contains only 15 calories and this helps honey become a source of healthy energy. Carbohydrates in honey can be converted into glucose easily therefore, honey is a natural substance which is easier to digest than sugar.

  1. Reduce stimulation in throat

Honey is highly effective in curing sore throat. One study demonstrated that a dose of honey is also as effective as dextromethorphan. Drinking honey before bedtime, the patient will relieve cough and sleep better.

  1. Heal the wounds

For a long time, people often use mixture of silver sulfadiazine and honey to treat external wounds because it has antibacterial properties which is very effective in wound healing.

  1. Control the blood sugar level

Honey contains sugar but it’s not like the white sugar that you use every day. Thanks to the combination of glucose and fructose, honey can easily control the blood sugar. Besides, with a low level of hypoglycemic index, honey becomes the ideal choice to use as a sweetener without worrying about the risk of increasing blood sugar levels.

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