Wonderful benefits of daily yoga for your health


Nowadays, daily yoga has become a good habit of many people around the world. Whether you have been practicing yoga for a long term or short term, a few years or just a few months, you still get many practical benefits for your health. And in fact, the more you practice yoga, the more you feel healthier. Let’s see which benefits yoga brings us after each period of practicing.

daily yoga

  1. After a few day

– Improve brain function: Just 20 minutes of hatha yoga every day, you can improve cognitive function, enhance concentration and memory to work or study. In addition, according to a study of the University of Illinois (USA), those who participated in the study usually do tests related to brain function better than the others.

– Reduce stress: The researchers from the University of California (USA) announced that yoga can reduce the activity of proteins prone to inflammation in the body, so it will make you healthier and control mood better.

– Increase flexibility: A study of Colorado State University (USA) recently showed that practicing bikram yoga (a form of yoga with a series of poses done in 90 minutes in a hot room) will help your shoulders, lower back and hamstring flexible as well as reducing body fat effectively.

  1. After a few months

– Stabilize blood pressure: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that people who practice yoga will have a better blood pressure than those who participate in physical activities such as walking or lifting weights.

daily yoga routine

– Improve sexual function: According to a study by Harvard University published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, yoga can increase arousal, desire, orgasm and sexual satisfaction for women in general. Besides, yoga can also improve sex lives of women by helping them become familiar with their body organs.

– Reduce chronic neck pain: A German study published in the Journal of Pain showed that practicing Iyengar yoga (Hatha yoga combined with using props) in 4 weeks will be effective in reducing chronic neck pain in adults.

  1. After a few years

– Have strong bones: A study performed by Dr. Loren Fishman, published in the journal Huffington Post in 2009 suggested that yoga may improve bone mineral density in the elder effectively.

– Lose weight: Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Center in Seattle (USA) found an intimate association between regular yoga and ability to lose weight – or at least it helps maintain a healthy weight significantly.

– Reduce the risk of heart disease: According to research results of the Harvard University Health Services, as part of a healthy lifestyle, yoga can reduce the cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.



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