Why you should play badminton?


Badminton is a popular sport in the world. Whether you play professionally or just have fun with friends, badminton requires a good eyesight and quick response. And of course, it also brings you wonderful health benefits.


Improve vision

During a badminton match, two players need to highly concentrate on observing their opponent, so the eyeball has to dilate and shrink constantly, promoting blood circulation in the eyes as well as ameliorating eye muscles. This contributes to improve your visual sensitivity significantly.

Live longer

Science has proven that playing badminton can help you live longer. In fact, if middle-aged people play badminton regularly, they can reduce the risk of death by 23%, and lengthen the lifespan at least 2 years.

Reduce bad cholesterol

The main benefit of this sport for our health is that it helps reduce bad cholesterols and increase good ones. In our bodies, there is more harmful cholesterol than the useful. And as we know, the harmful cholesterol will impede the process of blood circulation, leading to heart attack and stroke, therefore reducing this mount will bring many benefits for your body.

Reduce stress

Playing badminton will improve our health a lot, it helps reduce the heart rate as well as the blood pressure which are beneficial for those prone to stress, helping them resist stress and feel more confident without using drug.

Strengthen heart health

Besides resisting stress, playing badminton can help the myocardium stronger and prevent blood vessel occlusion. Even those who are suffering from heart diseases may also be healthier when playing badminton in moderation and under the supervision of doctors.

Lose weight

Like other sports, playing badminton burns a lot of calories, preventing them from being converted into fat. And if players combine with a sensible diet, they can completely lose weight in a short period.

Strengthen bone

Osteoporosis is a common disease among the elder and women after childbirth. The reason leading to this disease is the complex interaction between hormones and the osteoblasts in the body. And as a result, people with this disease can easily get bone injuries. However, with a regular exercise regime, you can reduce or even eliminate the risk of osteoporosis. Badminton helps increase the activity of osteoblasts, assimilate calcium into bone structure and strengthen it.

In fact, playing badminton helps you not only have a healthier body but also reduce depression and stress after a hard day at work. So, try it now to enjoy its magic benefits.

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