Why you should not skip breakfast?


Many people, especially the young people often do not have the habit of eating breakfast because they do not have enough time or just they think that skip breakfast is the most effective way to cut off caloric intake and lose weight.


However, breakfast is the best way for you to begin a new day healthy indeed. People who have the habit of eating breakfast regularly, especially children, have less risk of overweight than those who skip it. And scientists have confirmed that skipping breakfast when young will increase the risk of diabetes when getting older as well as causing many other diseases.

  1. Nutritional imbalance and low resistance

Due to the lack of energy, your body must get energy reserved from the liver, causing your liver always in a state of overwhelming.

Moreover, if you skip breakfast, you will be hungry quickly, lowering blood pressure as well as causing serious damage to the digestive system. Gradually, the immunity and resistance of the body will be impaired.

  1. Get stomachache and damage in the gastrointestinal tract

When your stomach operates, gastric juice is secreted, but having nothing to digest, it will gradually lead to stomach ulcers.

And if you skip breakfast, your intestines will be empty, the motility will be decreased and intestinal residues of the previous day will be not excreted, causing stones in the intestinal tract.

  1. Slow reaction

Breakfast is the source of energy for the brain activity, so, if you skip breakfast, the body will not get enough nutrition and energy to perform daily activities. Meanwhile, your body will be tired and your brain cannot concentrate which lead to your slow reaction to surrounding events.

Slow reaction

  1. Early aging

When you skip breakfast, the body must mobilize the reserved sugar and protein for operation, making the surface of the skin dry, tan, losing nutrient, and wrinkles will appear, especially in eyes and face areas.

  1. Cause obesity

When you do not eat breakfast, you have to eat more at lunch and dinner to get enough energy for the body.

While activity in the afternoon and evening is not much, the food will be not fully digested, causing the heat in your body grow and fat accumulates more and more.

  1. Affect the work performance

Skipping breakfast can affect the work productivity during the day because the hungry stomach will make you tired and cannot completely concentrate on what you are doing.

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