Why you should go swimming regularly?


Are you swimming? And why do you choose it as a regular exercise? In fact, most people go swimming just for weight loss, but this sport actually brings you many wonderful health benefits. Let’s see what are they?

go swimming

  1. Reduce stress

According to the survey, more than 75% of swimmer shared that the pressure and stress they felt before they started swimming was greatly reduced, and in fact, some of them did not feel pressured that life brings them whether from work or family any more. Moreover, it also helps to relax the mind, creating a positive feeling and do forget the stress is bothering. Swimming will also increase confidence for yourself.

  1. Control blood pressure

Swimming 30 minutes regularly helps reduce cardiovascular risk, stroke, and diabetes. Besides, this sport can also help increase blood and oxygen flow to the lungs and muscles as well as bringing positive results in the release of carbon dioxide from the body. Moreover, it helps maintain the body blood pressure in a good situation as well.

  1. Reduce the risk of injury to joints

Swimming helps reduce the risk of injury, especially for the extremities, joints and muscles, thanks to the support of the water. Studies have shown that exercising in the water level as high as your hips will help reduce 50% of tension in the joints and it is 75% when the water level on the chest. Besides, swimming is very useful for those who want to recover from the joint injury as well as increasing the toughness for the body.

  1. Good for lungs and heart

Swimming can help lungs healthier remarkably. Due to the pressure of the water on swimmers chest, it restricts their breath, helping develop the respiratory system and increases the vital capacity of the lungs.

Good for lungs and heart

Swimming is also a good way to regulate blood pressure, having a better blood circulation. Dr. Jousselin, Director of National Institute of Fitness (France) said that the straight body when swimming would make the blood from the legs to the heart and brain better, so swimmers will avoid cardiovascular disease. Dr. De Montherla also said that in the summer when the swimmers increase, the number of emergency care for cardiovascular disease is reduced significantly.

Of course, swimming is very good for the body, but you also need to pay attention to avoid these bad habits when swimming:

– Swim when you are hungry.

– Swim after eating.

– Swim immediately after strenuous exercise.

– After drinking alcohol.

– Smoking before swimming.

– No warm-up before swimming.



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