Why you should drink enough water everyday


Water is the most important nutrients for our health, growth and development. The human brain consists of 95% of water, blood is 82% and the lungs are nearly 90%. Drinking enough water helps you build muscle and lose fat more efficiently. Besides, water is also very important for the balance of all systems in the body, including the brain, heart, lung, kidney and muscle. So, let’s explore more its benefits.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

  1. Build muscle

Water is essential for transporting nutrients to the cells as well as transporting waste out of the body. In addition, water also helps form the structure of the protein and glycogen. If your body is dehydrated, your muscles will lose electrolytes rapidly and easily get cramping.

  1. Accelerate the metabolism and reduce fat

Drinking enough water will help ensure the important functions in your body taking place normally; especially, the transferring of fat for energy which involves the liver and kidneys. In which, liver will metabolize fats in the body while kidney operates as a primary filtration system for the body. And of course, the kidneys will require a proper amount of water to work effectively.

  1. Improve the digestive system

Water is extremely essential in maintaining a healthy urinary tract as well as a strong digestive system. Drinking enough water will help relieve constipation and excrete faster. This is very important for those who frequently do exercise because they consume much larger quantities of food, vitamins and supplements. In addition, exercise also increase the amount of lost water through sweating and promotes metabolism.

  1. Increase energy and reduce fatigue

Although water does not provide as much energy as carbohydrates and fats do, but it still plays an important role in energy conversion because water is an environment in which all energy reactions take place. If you are dehydrated, you will become lethargic, easily get cramping, and reduce stamina.

  1. Eliminate toxins

This is obviously related to the above factors. As we know, the body eliminates toxins through sweat and urine. When you are on a diet and burn fat at a higher rate, your body will accumulate more toxin than normal due to the increase of wastes. Therefore, drinking enough water will become more important when you want to lose weight because you need more water for the fat burning process.

  1. Make a healthy skin

In fact, drinking enough water not only help you have a healthy body but also be a good solution to prevent you from skin diseases and help you have a smooth skin.



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