Why you should cycle every day


Cycling is an easy exercise that you can do anywhere at any time during the day without having to spend a large investment. The benefit of cycling is helping you have a healthy body in overall because when you ride, you have to use all muscles in your body. And then the arms, the legs, the body and the eyes need a seamless coordination with each other. Let’s see the great benefits that cycling brings for your health.


Reduce cancer risk

Exercising with bikes has been proven to reduce the risk of colon, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer. Besides, cycling is very good for the lungs and helps prevent endometrial cancer.

Reduce 90% of migraines

According to a study by Swedish scientists about the benefits of cycling, if you have a regular cycling regime with a moderate intensity, you can reduce the risk of headache up to 90%.

Improve cardiovascular health and reduce calories

Cycling is an effective way to lose weight. Riding bicycle helps you burn about 300 calories per hour. If you have a regular exercise regime of 30 minutes each day, you will lose 11 kg in one year. Moreover, it also helps you to increase metabolic rate after each journey. According to the British Medical Association, cycling 20 km per week may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. And another study with 10,000 civil servants also shows the same result with 20 miles per week.

Reduce stress

As we know, any type of regular exercises all helps you relieve stress and depression. Outdoor Cycling is also a good way to enjoy fresh air in the nature, dispel any upset and your daily stresses.

Improve vision

Most of us often have to work with computers every day. This will lead to eye damage as well as impaired vision, and inadequate conditioning for eye glands can cause eye dryness, myopia and farsightedness. However, when cycling, we can observe the surroundings under the natural light at all angles and distances, helping to relax the eye muscles and improve other activities inside the eyes.

We can see that cycling not only helps you save money but also improve your health significantly. And to have an effective cycling journey, you should choose a suitable bike with your body to enjoy the most wonderful benefits that cycling bring up. You should also remember that regular exercise is always the key to success.



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