Which is the best toilet posture for your gastrointestinal tract?


According to a recent study by Giulia Enders, a German microbiologist, people who have a habit of natural squatting when going to toilet almost have no risk of diverticulitis and their hemorrhoids rate is also lower than those sit.

toilet posture

Giulia Enders said that we are all going to toilet in the wrong way. In contrast to what we used to think before that sitting on the toilet is the perfect position, squatting is the best.

Ms. Giulia Enders also shows that gastrointestinal tract plays a very important role in our body, affecting the entire body, from the spiritual to digestive health. And the wrong toilet posture will influence greatly on it.

“Sitting on the toilet is a wrong way because it extends the time of toileting and makes you feel more uncomfortable. Besides, it is also the reason why you are prone to get hemorrhoids and intestinal diseases such as diverticulitis”, Ms. Enders said.

She added that: “On the other hand, the habit of sitting on the toilet as the West will affect intestinal tissues during the process.”

Ms. Enders said that many studies also concluded that squatting is a more effective way of going to WC because the closing mechanism of the intestine is not designed to “open” completely when we are sitting or standing up. Instead of that it’s more like a folded tube.

“When you’re sitting or standing, there will be a muscle at the end of the colon and drag it into a curve. However, when we are in a squatting position, the colon will be kept straight up without much pressure and it will make the process easier.” She added.

Experts suggested that people still remain squatting posture when going to toilet until the middle of the 19th century and when this habit is changed, it leads to an increase in the intestinal tract and digestive diseases.

Joseph Mercola, an American doctor said that the toilet posture of western which is regarded as civilized, polite now is sitting on the toilet so that their knee is placed a 90 degrees compared to the abdomen. However, the natural squatting position in which your knee is located closed to your torso is the best way. This position really creates space between the intestinal organs and muscle systems, helping to optimize the forces involved in the toileting.



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