Useful tips to stay awake after drinking alcohol


Drunkenness causes your body extremely fatigue, vomiting and can even impact on your work efficiency of the next day, but you must be very hard to avoid drunk after each drink. So, how to combat with drunkenness effectively? Researchers showed that using these following foods before drinking can help you reduce the effects of alcohol to the body.


  1. Olive oil

Drinking 1 tablespoon of olive oil before the party is the experience of Mediterranean people to avoid drunkenness because olive oil has anti-hangover and anti-drunk properties. Basically, this food has the same effect as fat. Drinkers can use olive oil directly by served with crunchy bread or eat more salad.

  1. Milk

Milk is considered as the best anti-drunk food by creating a layer of protection for the gastric mucosa to reduce the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

Although no scientific studies prove it, but in reality there are many successful application. In addition, milk is also rich in calcium and vitamin B which cannot harm the body if combined with alcohol.

  1. Snack

Before drinking, you should eat some snack because it helps reduce the hangover when controlling the formation of acetaldehyde in the stomach, a perpetrator causing drunk and increasing poisoning risk. Besides, you can eat carbohydrate foods containing healthy fats which can help slow the absorption of alcohol.


  1. Water

In fact, there are very few people drunk when drinking alcohol because they are less prone to headaches from dehydration. They may be less sensitive to the effects of acetaldehyde, toxic substances when the alcohol is metabolized in the liver. But that does not mean they are immune to the effects of alcohol for a long term.

Before drinking beer or wine, experts recommend you drinking a glass of water to avoid dizziness when the body receives strange water suddenly.

  1. Potato

Besides foods above, you can also eat mashed potatoes before drinking alcohol because it will reduce the drunkenness a lot. In addition, you can eat two tablespoons of butter as well, fat in butter is very important to reduce the queasy feeling.


  1. Dry yeast

Jim Koch, co-founder of Boston Beer Company (USA), said that his company has an effective way of making customers feel no drunk after drinking alcohol by taking a full spoon of dry yeast before drinking and for more delicious, you can mix it with yogurt. This type of yeast is often used in processing various kinds of bread made from wheat flour and you can easily buy it at the grocery store or bakery shops.



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