Unexpected side effects of coffee


Coffee is one of the most popular stimulants used to overcome tiredness or regain consciousness when people are working. However, if people frequently abuse coffee, harmful components of coffee would damage their health.

Source: The Internet

Caffeine one of the main components of coffee is considered to cause sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety. Drinking too much coffee every day will boost the body produce hormone causing stress such as cortisol and norepinephrine. Moreover, these substances possibly increase heartbeat and blood pressure. Experts also investigated that women drink much coffee every day are more susceptible to fertility than those do not or drink less.

Researchers found that acids in coffee could enact digestive organs, especially stomach. If you have a cup of coffee whereas your stomach is empty, your stomach will be stimulated to create more acids.

According to a study at Alabama University, USA, serving coffee worsens problems referring to bladder. In case you drink over 4 cups of coffee within a day, the dramatic increase in caffeine will affect adrenal grand which produce adrenaline and hormone inside the body, which leads to anxiety or worry. They also revealed that coffee had negative effects on immune system.

Another research showed that females having a high consumption of coffee every day are seemingly at higher risks of heart attack up to 70%. The rate of suffering from heart attack is in direct ratio to the daily intake of coffee.

Scientists suggested that people have cardiovascular diseases should not consume over 5 cups of coffee per day.

Scientifically, drinking 2 cups of coffee every day is thought to be reasonable for pregnant women. However, they are more likely to be higher risks of miscarriage and preterm births if they serve more.

Coffee is not good for children’s health. Side effects related to caffeine are more complicated among children than adults.

Finally, drinking coffee containing caffeine tends to raise the concentration of calcium in urine. The phenomenon leads to osteoporosis (also known as brittle bone disease) a condition that makes the bones become weak and easily broken. If you are suffering the disease, you should abstain from coffee or drink fewer than 3 cups of coffee per day.

Research group at Oregon University suggest that people having the habit of serving coffee every day ought to be sure that their bodies are complemented necessary amount of vitamin D and calcium to prevent against unpleasant impacts of coffee on their health.



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