Unexpected effects of coffee you may not know


A recent study showed that coffee has wonderful effects on skin beauty, even a moderate diet can help prevent skin cancer.


A cup of coffee a day to help prevent skin cancer

Scientists have tracked 450.000 men and women over the past 10 year. The average age of the volunteers was 63 at the start of the study and they do not have malignancy. At the end of the study, nearly 3.000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer.

For your information, people who drink coffee regularly (90% of the volunteer group) had lower incidence of skin cancer. The more coffee they drink, the less is the risk.

Coffee is benificial to skin

People around the world love coffee but many do not dare to drink for fear of affecting skin. However, according to a recent study by American scientists, caffeine is used as the active ingredient in a variety kinds of skin care products to combat oxidation.

Furthermore, caffeine can also help to smooth the skin and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun, which means reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Caffeine is also used in a number of eye-related products. Thanks to vasoconstriction as well as spasm of blood vessels and diuretic effect, caffeine helps reduce dark circles around the eyes. The result is to make the skin around the eyes healthier and look more youthful.

Other unexpected benefits

When drinking coffee the right way, you will be surprised by the effects it can bring to your health.

Relieve pain

A study by the University of Illinois showed that drinking two to three cups of coffee in about an hour before exercising will help relieve muscle pain. The scientists believed that the amount of caffeine in coffee contributes to improving the strength and flexibility of muscles.

Improving the blood circulation

A research was carried out in Japan on the effect of coffee on the circulation of non- regular coffee drinkers. Accordingly, each drank approximately 30 ml coffee. Then, the researchers determined the blood flow to the fingers.

Results showed that those who drank regular coffee, in 75 minutes, increased 30 % of the blood flow in comparison with those who did not drink coffee. Better blood flow means that the amount of oxygen transported to the muscles increases.

Improve memory

John Hopkins University conducted a study and found that caffeine in coffee may improve memory in at least 24 hours after drinking coffee.

Provide more fuel for the muscle

Another study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that a small amount of caffeine is very useful for people when working out with high intensity, especially the athletes.

Those who supplement caffeine has an increase of 66% glycogen conten in muscle. For your information, glycogen serves as an essential source of energy for the power -consuming exercises which helps you to exercise in longer period.

Protect muscles

According to many research on animals, scientists at Coventry University has found  that caffeine in coffee can support to offset the decline in muscle strength with age.

A moderate amount of coffee can protect our health as well as reducing the risk of injury related to age.



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