Understand and drink green tea the right way to lose weight


An active element called Epigallocatechin gallate, also known as EGCG is an antioxidant found in green tea leaves which can help burn fat. Thanks to this, people can lose several pounds as they wish if they learn how to use green tea properly. However, no more than three cups of green tea a day to avoid affecting other parts of the body.

 Green tea and black tea: Which one is better?

For your information, with black tea, the tea leaves are fermented and dried. This has reduced a lot of the beneficial compounds of tea leaves.Conversely, with green tea, after the tea leaves are collected, they can be used with boiling water. This not only preserves the beneficial compounds but also destroys the enzymes which are capable of damaging the leaves quickly.

Green tea and black tea

The effects of green tea

Over many centuries, green tea has been used in Chinese traditional medicine and Indian traditional herbs to help for better digestion, healing wounds, improving cardiovascular health, blood sugar stabilization and promoting nerve function.Today, these traditional methods had a strong scientific background with thousands of studies demonstrating that green tea contains antioxidants (8 times stronger than vitamin C) and other substances that help reduce cholesterol, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and the risk of infection by viruses or bacteria.Green tea also ‘fights’ against the toxic effects of tobacco.

How about weight loss effects?

Scientists have demonstrated that green tea inhibits lipolysis, the process by which fat in the diet (triglycerides) are broken in body . Inhibiting the decomposition of triglycerides can prevent the absorption of fat, by that it ensures you will not gain more weight.In addition, a substance found in green tea called catechins has the ability to control a critical enzyme – catechol -O – methyl transferase (COMT), which accelerates the metabolism, thus burning more calories.

weight loss effects

Is green tea with other flavors benefitial as pure green tea?

The addition of flavors such as pomegranate, apple or strawberry…does not reduce the benefits of green tea. However, if sugar is added, then the additional calories will detroy the use of green tea for weight loss.

Do all kinds of green tea work the same?

There may be differences in the quality of the tea leaves and the number of additional components that may alter the quality of green tea. To avail the maximum benefits, you can choose the brand that uses entirely from natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

The best way to brew a cup of green tea

Please ignore these kinds of tea bags, fresh tea leaves is the best choice. Because, with green tea, you will pour hot water directly into the tea leaves to take advantage of its essence. Using tea bags will reduce the effect of the chemical reaction.If tea bags is the only option, cut the bag off and pour hot water directly into the dry tea, just as the way to make fresh green tea (Use the water which boils just recently) then let the tea leaves infuse for 3 or 4 minutes and you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea!



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