Top foods help prevent diseases when there is season changes


Sweet potato, garlic, yogurt, green tea… are the foods essential to help improve health and prevent a lot of common diseases when the season changes. Let’s discover what they are below!

seasonal foods

Yogurt: Use at least 200g of yogurt a day will help improve the immune system. For your information, yogurt contains millions of fermented live bacteria, lactic acid and protein… that stimulates digestion, improves immunity, prevent diseases as well as prolonging longevity.

Ginger: Ginger is a spicy food. Besides, it is also a medication that helps prevent and treat some common diseases when the weather changes. It is better if you regularly supplement ginger in daily meals to avoid the risk of cancer, prevent flu and improve the immune system.

 Beef: Beef and other types of red meats contain high levels of nutrients, especially iron, zinc and protein which have been proven to have good effects on immunity and increase the production of red blood cells. Regularly use of beef in daily dishes will be good for your health. However, those who are going on a diet should carefully consider when using beef. 

Garlic: Garlic has selenium and other vitamins such as vitamins A, vitamin C. For futher information, garlic oil has been shown to improve immunity, has the anti-cancer, flu prevention, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as well as helping to increase the circulation of blood. Garlic can be used directly as the treatments for respiratory diseases and flu effectively. 

Pear: Pear is abundant in vitamins, fiber, high water content and minerals which has cooling effect. In addition, they are good for blood and can help to remove phlegm… Thanks to these effects, the immune system will be better and a lot of common diseases can be prevented as the weather changes.

 Mushroom: Mushroom contains many nutrients, natural protein and a large amount of fermented bacteria which can stimulate digestion and improve the immune system. That is not all, mushroom also stimulates the production of white blood cells which help the body resist bacteria and pathogens. Thanks to that, the resistance of the body will be increased.

Tea: Both green tea and black tea have beneficial effects on health. Tea contains high levels of the amino acid which increases the body’s resistance and antioxidants help to prevent cancer. Many studies showed that using 3 to 4 small cups of tea a day (equivalent to 250ml) helps prevent the risk of infection by virus 10 times higher than normal.

Citrus fruits: These fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber helps prevent the operation of the bacteria. They also prevent pathogens and destroy them. In addition, citrus fruits also help to prevent the risk of allergies, especially skin allergies and hives when the weather changes. Last but not least, these fruits also work to help the immune system healthier as well as improving the body’s resistance.

Honey: Regular use of honey in the morning will help the body the immune system become better, prevent colds as well as supporting digestion.



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