Top 5 exercises for weight loss

Currently, women are particularly interested in the beauty issue, in which the body is their biggest concern. Therefore, many women have spent a lot of both money and time for gym center with the weight loss efforts. However, this method does not work because they have not yet found out the effective and suitable exercises. Therefore, in this article, I will tell you top 5 weight loss exercises that are highly appreciated from fitness experts.


If you don’t have money and time to go to the gym centers, but you still want to have a slim body, jogging will be a great sport for you. Just 30 minutes in the daily morning running a few loops around the park will significantly help you burn large amounts of calories.


Running at a moderate pace with gentle breathing will help you keep health during weight loss progress.


As we know, swimming is a sport requiring all body’s movement, it not only helps you lose weight but also relieve stress. When swimming, under the pressure of the water, your thighs and arms are mostly impacted. However, after swimming, you should limit eating, and only eat foods containing less calories, carbohydrates and fat to lose weight quickly.


Health experts said that you should spend 2 hours each weekend for swimming to get the best result.

Belly exercise

Belly exercise is a method which helps lose belly fat in the fastest way. To perform it, you must lie on the floor with your hands placing behind the head. Lift your upper body up and keep the legs as well as buttocks stably. Do this exercise 30 minutes every day, you will have a toned waist rapidly.


This exercise is dedicated to the abdomen because when practicing, your abdomen will be directly impacted which helps excess the fat in the abdomen and waist effectively.

Hula hooping exercise

This exercise will help your clumsy loops become slim and toned so quickly. And it would be better and burn fat faster if you practice every morning. Therefore, you should not ignore this sport during your workout.


To perform this exercise you have to spin a hula hoop around the body by gyrating the hips without drooping it. Hula hooping exercise is applied by a lot of women in the world to lose waistline quickly. In fact, it is the friction of the ring which directly impacts on the waistline that helps you lose belly fat effectively.

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