Top 4 exercise for people with back pain


The reason why you often suffer from shoulder blades pain or chronic low back pain is that you are sedentary, sitting long hours in front of computers. To improve this condition, you can go to gymnastic centers for exercising. However, if you have no time for it, you absolutely can actively prevent and fight the pain with following exercises.

Child’s Pose

Start by standing on your knees, raising your hands up to the sky with palms facing to each other. Slowly exhale and bend the abdomen, lower buttocks to sit on your heels. Then continuing to lower the forehead to the floor, return to normal breathing and take rest in this position for 3 to 4 breaths.


After that, stretch your arms forward and press your palms on the floor simultaneously. Slowly inhale, lift the torso up and return to the starting position. Repeat this posture 6 times.

Warrior I pose

Stand upright on the carpet and step the right foot forward. Both hands place along the body. Slowly inhale and bend your right knee down, knit fingers together, then put your arms forward and raise them over the head with palms facing out. Gently curve the upper back and shift the focus on the right leg.


After that, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 6 times and then do the same with the rest leg.

Lizard pose

Sit on your right heel with the left foot stretching backwards. Remember to keep your upper body upright. Hands put on the floor in both sides of the right knee with five fingers spreading out. Inhale deeply and stretch the chest forward so that your body is perpendicular to the floor.


Finally, exhale, bend the elbows down and squeeze your chest on the thigh. Repeat this 6 times, then, switch sides, sitting on the left heel with the right leg stretching backwards.

Bridge Pose

Lie on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor. Lift your arms up and knit fingers together, you should keep the palms facing down.

Slowly inhale and raise the entire body off the ground with your feet so that your pelvis is away from the floor 15cm. And then, lowly exhale when you return to the original position, repeat this 6 times.


As you can see, it is actually easy to dispel the low back pain with these 4 simple exercises without wasting so much of your time.

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