Top 10 summer refreshing fruits


Fruit is an integral part of the daily diet. Here are 10 healthy fruits that not only have refreshing effect but also help with detoxification in the summer.

refreshing fruits


With sweet and sour taste, grape is a fine tonic for blood as well as wonderful refreshment in hot weather. A glass of grape juice will work well for your health.


Pineapple has sweet and sour taste and detoxification effect. It is very for those with nephritis, hypertension, bronchitis or gastrointestinal disorders.


You can list a lot of useful benefits of watermelon to health. Watermelon helps heatstroker quickly recover as well as helping treat mouth sores caused by heat. Watermelon is abundant in a lot of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin PP, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium…In particular, a huge amount of potassium in this fruit is indispensable of a healthy cardiovascular system.


This sour fruit is a great beverage in the summer, especially with people who often suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, anorexia, fatigue, dry mouth, mouth or prone to vomiting and hiccups.You can use fresh slices of lemon, mix with sugar as soft drinks, pickle with salt or use as spice in meals.


Do you know that combining a apple with the daily diet will give you 3 grams of fiber a day?Whereas normally, you need at least 15 to 25 grams of fiber in the diet each day, so an apple will help to put you in the right direction!Diets with high fiber content can help reduce your risk of heart disease. As a famous idiom: ‘An apple a day, the doctor away’.


When you are sick, what is the very first juice drink you think of? Certainly orange juice. This great healthy fruit contains all the vitamin C and calcium good for your health, increase your stamina, especially in hot weather of summer.


We all know that banana is a great source of potassium, but do you really know that potassium plays an important role in heart health and muscle function? If you eat a banana per day, you will feel so much better! This really is one of the healthy fruits that has great taste. If you play sports, eat banana can also provide you with the energy your body needs.


An avocado contains high levels of folate which helps very much in preventing fetal malformations. More than that avocado contain sources of vitamin B6, A, E, D that improve the body’s immune system.


Orange is not the only fruit that contains high content of vitamin C and A, there are other healthy fruits to cover all your vitamin needs. Mango is also an ideal alternative. An average mango has about 57 mg of vitamin C, good for your body and your immune system!


A glass of papaya gives you vitamin C and about 2.5 grams of fiber.



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