To do lists for deep sleep


Many people have the habit of sleeping themselves by turning on TV in the room, this is the first thing to avoid in order to have a deep sleep and beautiful dream.


Sleep is one of the top priority factors in the health care. A deep and full sleep will help you relax your mind. Here are tips for enjoying a great night of sleep

  1. Shower

Body temperature plays an important role in regulating sleep. Shower before going to bed is to help the body adjust the temperature effectively. Warm water provides energy, make the body relaxable and comfortable prior to sleep.

  1. Yoga

Performing meditation and taking a deep breath in a few minutes before bedtime has brought health benefits. This makes you sober and eliminate the noise of a busy day. Meditation is an effective spell to take you to the beautiful dream.

  1. Write a diary

You have gone through a hard day? Stress job? Write your thoughts in the form of a diary or free article. The writing helps clear your mind and arrange everything better. Experts study said writing a diary is one way you talk to yourself and improve your mood before sleeping.

  1. Drink a glass of water

Many people turn to alcohol as a sedative dose when they feel stress. However ,alcohol is not absolutely good for your sleep. Instead, you should drink a glass of warm water, which helps the body to return to the balance state .

  1. Exercise

Sweating helps the body eliminate toxin and relax more. Many scientific evidence shows a few simple movements before bedtime will help you have a good sleep.

6. Stay away from electronic devices

The light from electronic devices such as TV, telephone, computer will interrupt the sleep cycle. Please remove the electronic devices out of the bedroom so that your sleep is not affected. 7. Night mealNight meal is not good for your health, but it’s better if you eat intelligently at night. Some healthy snacks helps to regulate blood sugar and enhance sleep quality . 8. Keep pets out of the bedroomThe experts emphasize that sleeping with pets can make your sleep interrupted. Pets can wake you up or cause unexpected allergic from fur, waste. Ideally, you keep your pets out of the bedroom to have a peaceful night. With the above bedtime habits for good health you can apply and follow with yourself. This helps you create beneficial and good habits for your body health, help you have a good and deep sleep.



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