Tiredness: Six reasons why you are always feeling exhausted?


Do you find it extremely hard to get out of bed every morning? Do you struggle to keep your eyes open while driving, working, or even hanging out with friends? Tiredness seems to be a common problems that so many people experience during their life time. Heavy workload, family responsibilities and financial issues are generally blamed for tiredness. However, before blaming your busy lifestyle, you should be aware of what might be at the root of your unexplained fatigue.

  1. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for fatigue. Each baby is recommended to spend 16 hours sleeping per day, while the suggested time for teenagers and adults are 9 and 7 – 8 hours, respectively. Little sleep may result in lethargy during the day, and too much sleep may lead to the same problems. Irregular sleep schedules and sleeping disorders are also responsible for exhaustion.

  1. Lack of exercise


According to several studies, a sedentary lifestyle is another culprit of frequent tiredness. Regular physical exercises can fill your body with oxygen, boost your energy, so that you can have enough energy and enthusiasm to live your life. If you are too busy to go to the Gym, 30 minutes walking every day is a healthy habit that can reduce tiredness.

  1. Eating too little

After your meal, your body will convert what you eat into energy which can be used for daily activities. If your body is not provided with enough food, it can’t function properly and that’s why you feel exhausted. Never skip breakfast and try to eat food rich in protein and complex carbohydrates to keep your energy at stable levels.

  1. Anaemia

Anaemia is considered as one of the most leading cause of constantly run-down. Anaemia refers to a deficiency in the number of red blood cells, meaning that the level of red blood cells is lower than normal. This health condition is mainly caused by the shortage of iron. An iron shortage results in sluggish, irritable, weak feeling and prevents you from being concentrate on everything. In order to avoid this problem, you should increase the consumption of foods rich in iron such as lean beef, kidney beans, tofu, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and peanut butter.

  1. Dehydration

always tired

Water plays an extremely important role in our body. When we lose just 2 percent of our body’s normal water, there may be some problems related to energy. When we get older our thirst reflex lessens. In addition, staying at air conditioned room or going for a long walk may cause dehydration, which lowers the blood pressure, then weakens brain functions. Consequently, always remember to provide your body with enough water.

  1. Diabetes

Extreme tiredness is known as a symptom of diabetes. When you experienced diabetes, the sugar stays in the bloodstream instead of moving the body’s cells, where it is usually converted to energy. As a result, your body is in a lack of energy although you eat enough. If you notice any sign of diabetes, contact your doctor for a blood test to identify whether you are suffering from this disease or not. Diabetes can be treated by lifestyle alterations, insulin therapy and other medications.



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