Tips for avoiding complications from diabetes


Diabetes causes many complications. Patients should comply with some rules to get the better health.

Select starch carefully


If you get diabetes, you should select the type of starch broken down slowly in the body and providing energy stability. You don’t have to abstain completely starch. Choose whole grains, beans, nuts with hard shells, vegetables and fresh fruit. You absolutely can eat fruits, though they are sweet. In addition, it’s necessary to ingest a reasonable amount of carbohydrate each meal under the guidance of a dietitian.

Lose weight if necessary

Start with small levels. If you are overweight, losing some weight can improve the ability of using insulin of the body. Losing weight will help decrease blood glucose and improve blood pressure as well as blood fat. You’ll also get more energy. Set goals to burn more calories if necessary.

 Get enough sleep

Sleeping too much or too little can increase appetite and make people want to eat more carbohydrates. This will lead to weight gain, to increase risk of complications such as heart disease. Therefore you should go to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

More action

Choose an exercise form that you like such as walking, dancing, biking, or simply walking around the spot while on the phone. Do this for half an hour each day. The exercise can help you reduce your risk of heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol and keep weight in a low level. It also reduces stress and can help you reduce diabetes medication.

Schedule regular blood glucose exams

Checking regularly your blood sugar can help prevent complications of diabetes like nerve pain or keep not more serious illnesses. The inspection also finds out how food and activities affecting to you and whether your treatment plan is effective or not.

Out of stress

Get rid of all physical and mental stress whenever possible. You should learn techniques to cope with stress. The relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga and meditation can be especially effective if you have diabetes in type 2.

Say no to salt


Reducing salt in the diet can help get lower blood pressure and protect the kidneys. It’s not enough. You should avoid these foods and use fresh foods whenever possible and use herbs and spices instead of salt when cooking.



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