The iron-rich foods for the production of blood cells


Iron is the basic component that makes up haemoglobin and plays a key role in the production of blood cells. And it is always in the top minerals essential for the body. Iron deficiency not only reduces the production of red blood cells but also disables the ability of gastrointestinal absorption.

However, iron deficiency diseases can easily be treated through strengthening the intake of iron-rich foods. And in this article, we will point out a few foods rich in iron which should be added in your diet.

  1. Legumes

Researchers said that beans carry the abundant iron content. However, they also contain phytic acid which can reduce the absorption of iron. To reduce the incidence of this acid, you should soak the beans in the warm water overnight before processing.


Soymilk is also one of the foods that bring the most nutritional value for the body, especially iron.A cup of soymilk can provide 8.8 mg of iron equivalent to nearly half of the minerals needed each day. Besides, black bean is also a great source of iron as they can provide up to 20% of the needed nutrients in a normal diet.

  1. Dark green vegetables

Some dark green vegetables such as spinach and kale are foods rich in iron and vitamins needed for iron absorption. A spinach diet can provide 6 mg equivalent to 36% of needed iron each day. In addition, other green vegetables which are also rich in iron include rainbow reform (22%), cooked green turnip (16%) and sugar beet (5%). You should note that the green vegetables also come high in oxalate which can inhibit iron absorption as well as pushing iron out of the body.

Dark green vegetables

  1. Black chocolate and cocoa powder

Black chocolate is not only a delicious snack but also a good source of iron. A bar of black chocolate can provide 2 mg equivalent to 28% of the necessary iron in the day. Meanwhile, a cup of cocoa powder can bring up 23 mg equivalent to 128% of this nutrient. Besides, black chocolate is also really good for blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

  1. Tofu

In fact, tofu contains a various non-heme iron and a tofu diet can provide 3.4 mg equivalent to19% of the needed iron daily. Several studies have demonstrated that tofu can help prevent breast cancer effectively.


Besides, it is also an excellent food to replace the meat in order to provide enough protein for the body. However, because calcium can interfere with non-heme iron absorption, so you can use tofu without a calcium enhancer.



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