Some downsides of fruit juices that not many people know


Fruit juices are always popular because many women think it is good for the skin. However, in reality, are fruit juices also have many downsides?

As recommended by the nutrition experts, fruit juice actually contains only some substances which solute in water such as sugar and vitamin C. Other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, carotene, fiber… are insoluble in water. For that reason, they do not exist in the juice. Therefore, do not abuse this kind of drink. Using fruit juice in a long time may lead to a shortage of protein, fat and reserved vitamin which helps metabolize sugar in the body.

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In addition, the scientists also warned about other consequences if abusing fruit juices as follows:According to the conclusions of Australian researchers published in the Daily Mail, the consumption of fruit juices which contain too much sugar can increase the risk of cancer .

They have tried to search for the relationship as well as the effect of the fruits, vegetables and various fruit juices in preventing the development of colon cancer.They monitored the health of 2,200 adults and the food they eat every day for 2 years to study the development of disease. Results showed that those who ate fruits and vegetables like apple, cauliflower or broccoli… will have the opportunity to reduce the risk of colon cancer. But it is surprising that those who consumed fruit juice have higher cancer risk. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who drink juice more than three glasses a day are more likely to develop anal cancer – a form of colon cancer. The researchers believe that the high sugar content in juice may push the growth of cancer cells. They also said that many substances in fruit such as fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants have lost when they are pressed for juice. The amazing thing is that these substances can prevent the occurrence of cancer.

British researchers claimed that the juice contains too much sugar. Scientists from the University of Bangor, Wales, said it would be better if you consume dried fruit.

People with the following diseases should not drink fruit juice : – Patients with a history of diabetes: fruit juices contain more fructose, may cause hyperglycemia. – Patients with stomach ulcer, duodenal or pancreatitis:  avoid sour fruit juices like lemon, orange, apple, grape or strawberry… because they have a lot of organic matters which increase stomach acid causing heartburn. – Patients with diarrhea: fruit juice can make the situation more severe due to increase in osmotic pressure in the intestine. – Patients who are suffering from fever should not drink fresh fruit juice because it is easy to raise the blood sugar as white blood cells will kill bacteria more slowly.

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