The danger from drinking alcohol you should know


Many studies has showed that alcohol actually has a huge impact to the human brain and nervous system, it makes your vision narrowed and your body react slowly with what happen around. Therefore, people who drink alcohol will have restrictions to control the vehicle and very easily lead to accidents.


Research of some authors on the effects of alcohol to human health also show that if you drink 50g of alcohol daily , it will leave you a permanent damage with your health and about 100,000 brain cells will be killed if you drink a glass of beer. In case of drunkenness, the number of brain cells may die up to 10,000,000. In addition, you will also be suffered from many other diseases.

  1. Gout

When you drink a lot of beer and wine, the excess amount of alcohol in the body will accumulate and cause disturbances in metabolism and energy transformation. The accumulation of alcohol in the joints will lead to gout and destroy these joints, causing the arthritis with swelling, heat, redness and pain. Besides, every time you drink half a litter of alcohol, the uric acid levels in the blood will also increase significantly.

  1. Cardiovascular disease

The heart also has a muscle structure, so when you drink alcohol, it will weaken the heart muscle. When the heart muscle is weakened, it cannot effectively pump blood as normal, and as a result, it will lead to circulatory stasis in the lung. In fact, the higher alcohol content is, the greater the impact on the heart is, it narrows the blood vessels, and increases the pressure in the blood, forcing the heart to work harder. In addition, they also cause arrhythmias.

  1. Lung disease

Researchers said that about 5% of blood alcohol will rapidly diffuse into the alveoli. Here, the alcoholic liquid will be warmed and turned into the vapour that we breathe out, these vapour molecules will be the criteria to measure the amount of alcohol in the breath.

Lung disease

If you drink in a long time, alcohol will lose an important antioxidant in the lungs, thereby permanently damaging your lungs, and as a result, alcoholics are very easy to get diseases such as pneumonia, as well as the other respiratory infections.

  1. Stomach ulcers

After being drunk into the body, the stomach is the first stops of alcohol. Within 5 minutes, 20% of beer and alcohol will instantly diffuse into the bloodstream while the rest in the stomach would weaken gastric epithelium, increasing the risk of infection with symptoms such as heartburn, ulcers and bleeding.



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