Taylor Swift ’s keeping fit tips


As known as “the princess of country music”, Taylor Swift is not only admired by her beautiful voice but also by her good figure. Hereafter, she shares her tips to stay healthy and keep fit.


  1. Practice, practice and practice

When looking at Taylor or other Hollywood stars, we often take their good figure for granted without knowing that to gain the results, they have to practice everyday, with so many kinds of exercises to keep fit. For Taylor, she does cardio 60 minutes a day under the supervision of her gymnast. She does not focus on building muscles because her aim is to increase the body endurance and prepare the best before every of her shows.


Moreover, she puts jogging as her priority. By jogging, the body will sweat and get rid of the un-wanted fat, which helps Taylor to stay healthy with her full schedule.

  1. Proper regime

For Taylor, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. She has nutritious breakfast which provides energy for the entire day’s activities and helps her to stay healthy. The other meals, she only eats green and healthy vegetables and drinks fruit juices.

Taylor focuses on limiting the consumption of coffee and sugary foods because they can cause rapid skin aging. One more secret, she drinks as much pure water as she can to provide natural moisture and make the skin looks smooth. Her weekly portion always includes salads and yogurt to supply vitamins to the body.


Nevertheless, when weekend comes, she indulges herself with burgers, potato chips and fresh cream. She also loves to barbeque but she never worries about hẻ figure since the more she eats, the more she exercise to maintain the balance.

  1. Getting rid of stress

Nowadays, stress is no longer strange to all of us and becomes one of the serious problems among those who come to work every day, of course no matter work they do. It is one of the reason that youth is reduced by rapid skin aging and body imbalance. This also means losing control of eating and putting on weight more easily. Therefore, despite having large workload, Taylor always leads comfortable attitude towards every thing in her daily life.


“You only have 24 hours a day, instead of feeling tired, you should concentrate on working to achieve efficiency because it is when your body is active and time will not be wasted”.

Last but not least, she never emphasizes weight loss because it will be very stressful not to achieve the slimming down goals. As said above, she just want to improve her stamina on stages.

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