Staying up late – the silent killer


Staying up late significantly damages to people’s health, especially for women. A research showed that the risk of cancer. A majority of women sleeping late at night normally suffer from fatal diseases related to uterine fibroids and breast fibroids. These diseases have close connection to hormone unbalance of estrogen and progesterone. This dangerous disorder will lead to some chaos of functions of the endocrine system, which negatively affects women’s ovulation cycles. Once the ovulation cycle is interrupted, abnormal changes of the menstrual cycle also happen. If this situation lasts for a long time, female’s biological clock will not regulate as usual. As a result, women will have to face with disorders in their daily routines or innate mechanism including sleeping and eating.

Working overnight frequently would increase the potential risks of cancer caused by disorders of biological clock. Source: The Internet

It is suggested that females should not stay up late to prevent against endocrine disorders. If you are supposed to work overnight, you should arrange your schedule to have a rest the following day. In other words, your body needs resting to adjust biological clock so endocrine organs operate normally. Therefore, side effects of sleeplessness will possibly relieve.

Unpleasant effects of late nights are remarkably enormous and various because they might harm your body in either long term or short term. For instance, tiredness, dark circles around your eyes are short-term effects while dementia will appear after a long period of time. Not going to bed early also affects the human nervous systems or causes mental disorders. It is noteworthy that the human nervous system naturally pauses to repair at night because it works effectively to support people in working and other activities. It is common that the brain still have to operate until people begin sleeping. In this case, people would certainly suffer from tiredness, dizziness, stress and headache. It is noteworthy that the period of time from 2a.m to 5a.m is considered to be the best time for brain to reproduce new cells and conduct cellular differentiation in terms of science. Therefore, sleeping late at night is one of the major reasons for neurasthenia.

Those above harmful influences of staying up late partly help you raise awareness of troubles caused by a late night with your health. Therefore, you should get familiar to go to bed on time from now on to preserve your health and youth, particularly young girls. It is ideal to go to bed around 11 o’clock at night to support the body restore energy after a hard-working day.



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