Solutions to have a good sleep for pregnant women


Pregnancy makes you feel extremely tired, especially in the last months of pregnancy. That’s because the mother’s body produces more hormones to help develop the fetal. In the first weeks of pregnancy, you can sleep in any other position but from the 7th month, 78% of pregnant women have insomnia phenomenon, they feel difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. So, small following suggestions will help mom get better sleep.

Solutions to have a good sleep for pregnant women

  1. Find a comfortable position

As the fetus develops, the pelvis must stretch to accommodate the baby. Therefore, your hips and back will be still in pain however you sleep. If you have the habit of sleeping on your back or stomach, so now you have to switch to reclining posture and because you have not been accustomed to this position, you will easily lose sleep.

Find a comfortable position

The most comfortable lying posture is lying on the left side, with a pillow between your knees and a pillow under the belly, you can also put a pillow on the back.

Lying on your left side helps maximize blood circulation and nutrients to the baby, enabling kidneys to remove wastes and fluid, but sometimes you should lie on the right in case you feel numb.

If you have heartburn, you will feel comfortable if you lean in a semi-recumbent chair. When lying on the bed, you can use a pillow in the back and head to support. Also, avoid spicy foods, eat several small meals during the day and use anti-acid medication to improve heartburn.

  1. Have comfortable mind

Do not let your mind overwhelmed with worries about jobs and the baby. Besides, pregnancy hormones also make you irritable and sensitive. For example, eat more sugar foods or caffeinated drinks before bedtime can also make you lose sleep.


– Relax and breathe deeply.

– Reading is an easy way for you to fall asleep quickly.

– Exercising before bedtime about 1 hour will reduce stress and improve sleep at night.

  1. Limit urinating

As the fetus develops, urinating several times a night is unavoidable because urinary system must work harder to remove the excess fluid during pregnancy. In addition, a large fetus will put pressure on the bladder, increasing urination feeling for you.


– Drinking enough water is very important for pregnant women because it help ensure the amniotic fluid stability. However, you should limit drinking water 1 hour before bedtime to avoid having to urinate too much at night.

– Urinate before going to bed.



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