Sleeping postures which are beneficial for the health


Sleep is extremely important for all of us, and choosing a proper sleeping posture is also one of the issues that many people are interested in. And here are the best sleeping postures that are recommended by scientists.

  1. Supine position

Supine position helps maintain a neutral position for the head, neck and spine frame in which these parts are less pinched during sleep. The advantage of this sleeping position is preventing neck pain and backache. Experts said that this posture limits acid reflux pillow when the head is higher than the stomach. In addition, it also helps to prevent wrinkles on the face.

Supine position

The downside is that people who apply this posture can easily snore during sleep. The doctor suggested that a few minor changes for this position to help better sleep by placing a soft pillow or rolled towel under your knees to fit the natural curves of the spine and help blood circulation take place easily.

  1. Lie on the side

Doctors said that this sleeping position can reduce snore when the spine is stretched. Another advantage is that this posture also helps increase blood circulation and is the best choice for pregnant women.

Lie on the side

But experts warn that it can affect badly your chest and face. However, you can use a thick pillow to fill the gap on the shoulders, supporting head and neck in a comfortable position.

  1. Fetal position

Researches show that 41% of people in the world often curl the body to hug the knees like fetal position in the womb when sleeping. This posture can be beneficial for pregnant women and those who snore. However, doctors warn that you can be suffering from back and knee joints pain when you wake up. Pressuring when lying also causes more wrinkles in the face as well as sagging breasts. Sleeping with this posture in the long term can have negative impact on the neck and spine, restrict diaphragmatic breathing as well.

Fetal position

Experts recommend that if you choose this sleeping position, you should try to keep the back as straight as possible and also use a thick pillow to fill the gap on the shoulder.

  1. Prone posture

With this sleeping posture, you will be difficult to maintain a neutral position of the spine and it may cause chest compression.

Prone posture

Moreover, when lying, your body weight will put pressure on the muscles, stimulating nerves leading to limb numbness, skin itching in some areas. However, prone posture will make the airways clear and unobstructed.



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