Sleep easily by changing your daily routine


Sleeping enough is really important for you to stay conscious and energetic in the following day. Besides, moderating diet, making your bed welcoming or even using medication for better sleep, changing the daily routine is highly recommended for you to sleep quickly and easily. Therefore, it would be beneficial to you to look at certain simple ways above:

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday

Changing your sleeping time or sleeping at different times may severely spoil your sleep quality by affecting your body’s biological clock and breaking your circadian rhythm. It’s better to make an appropriate schedule for sleeping and waking up, even at weekends, or sometimes you stay up later, but you still maintain your normal time of getting up.


  1. Ponder spending less time on sleeping:

Each person has his/ her own demand on amounts of sleep. If you spend more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, or keep waking up during the night, you had better invest much more time in sleeping, especially continuous and deep sleep. On the other hand, if you normally sleep enough 8 hours, let’s try considering cutting it by about 15 minutes by prolonging bedtime or getting up slightly earlier, which makes you a little bit tired at first few days, but improve your sleep significantly.

Ponder spending less time on sleeping

  1. Plan a sleep routine:

It is a good idea if you take the same steps every night before your bedtime to be ready for sleep. Consistency is the key factor, hence let’s follow certain simple steps like putting some gentle music surrounding your bedroom and relaxing your body.

Plan a sleep routine

  1. Try deep breathing relaxation:

Finding a comfortable position and a completely relaxed environment with little light and gentle music for practicing your breath exercises is a good solution for insomnia. Let’s close your eyes and think all your problems fading out with breath, then concentrate on your breath and enjoy the oxygen within your body. Finally, you had better keep this practice for 10 minutes each night before sleeping.

deep breathing

  1. Do exercises regularly

Doing physical exercises regularly like running or swimming will make you sleep deeper and more restful. You should incorporate more exercises to your daily routine or simply take the stairs instead of elevator, walk instead of driving car, etc. Additionally, you had better do exercises at least 2 hours before bedtime to improve and promote sleep as well.

Do exercises

These above are 5 simple changes in your daily routine to have better sleep. Let’s try!



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