Sleep better with essential oils


Having a good sleep is really one of the most vital parts of everyone’s day as well as for his/ her physical health and emotional wellbeing. Haowever, a lot of people have difficulty in falling and keeping asleep. There are several ways that people can follow to relieve the insomnia, a recommendation for you is using essential oils, a natural and simple method that will considerably help you sleep better.

Sleep better

  1. Choose the best essential oils to aid sleep

 Each essential oil has its own effects on our body and mind. Understanding about the some kind of essential oils will help you choose most suitable one for your sleep health.

  • Chamomile essential oil: make you calm, lift mood, aid depression
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Marjoram essential oil: reduce stress, anxiety and fight fatigue.
  • Vetiver essential oil: keep you relax and calm, and even stay asleep.
  1. Mix essential oils

Having essential oils will help you feel relaxing and you may mix it with carrier oils.

The best recipe is approximately 7 to 12 spoons of your essential oil to each fluid once of carrier oil, depending on your mood.

  1. Run bathwater and add your favorite oil

Fill out your bathtub with the water and with your essential and favorite oils. When the water runs, let’s add the essential oil to get the best distribution and achieve the best effects. In addition, you need make sure the water is not too hot in order not to burn your soft skin. The optimal temperature for a bath varies among 37 and 39 degrees Celsius

  1. Set a comfortable mood

In order to feel relaxing as well as induce sleep, you had better make your bathroom as comfortable and as possible by using some props, music or candles to reinforce the properties of the essential oil bath, and more importantly help to further relax you and prepare for you to relax and reinvigorate.

  1. Take your bath

Soaking for the appropriate amount of time will certainly help you ensure that you take the most advantages from the essential oils to help you sleep better.

Soaking for 15-20 minutes is enough .

You should use a pillow or some rose petals to relax further.

Be careful not to drink any of bathwater or get them in your eyes.

  1. Massage with essential oils

A gentle massage with your essential and favorite oils before sleeping will help you relax totally, and relieve stress or depression for a long working day as well as fall asleep more quickly. Choose essential oils for a massage and be sure to mix it with carrier oils to get great benefits without damaging your skin. Moreover, let’s think about massaging essential oils into your feet, wrists, legs or on your temples.

These above are 6 easy and simple ways that you can take up to choose the most suitable oils for yourself as well as how to use to achieve the best effects on having a better sleep.



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