Simple Yoga poses for beginners

Simple Yoga poses for beginners:

Simple Yoga poses for beginners

  1. Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

This simple yoga pose is very effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, insomnia, and headaches.

How to do it:

– Sit comfortably, cross-legged. Keep your back straight, place two hands on your knees with palms down and thumb and forefinger together.

– Yoga posture with back perpendicular to the ground will help reduce back pain. Close your eyes, concentrate your mind, slowly inhale through your nose. Compress air in abdomen about 2-3 seconds and then slowly exhale. After 1 second, slowly breathe again until 10, 20 or 30 times.


If your hips are tight, do not sit flat on the floor; instead of that, prop up on a blanket, two blankets, a bolster, a block, or a meditation pillow.

2. Child’s Pose

This is the best pose to heal lesions in all the movements of yoga. It is reminiscent of the fetal pose of each person while in the womb. Balasana will help your mind and muscles relax after a stressful and tiring day.

 How to do it: Sit on the heel, put the body forward.  Place your head on the floor. Reach your hands forward, palms facing down. Breathe to relax more deeply.

Modification: If your head doesn’t reach the floor you can use a block or pillow to rest it on.

  1. Cat-Cow Pose

This is one of the simple poses, but it helps cure stomach very effectively. You will feel very comfortable like your body stretched completely. In addition, it is also safe for pregnant women.

How to do it:

– Bend hunched the body and put your weight on hands and knees. Your knees are in line with your hips and wrists, and that your elbows and shoulders are perpendicular to the floor.

– Slowly sunken your belly, make feeling the navel pulled toward the spine, push back higher up to create tension for the spine. Lower and relax your neck and head as you breathe out.

– Hold the position for the start of Cat Pose to implement further Cow Pose, but lower your belly towards the floor. Bend your back and lift neck, look toward the ceiling as you inhale. Practice this pose with Cat Pose in a rhythmic way.


If you have wrist pain and are unable to place weight on your wrists during the pose, you can drop down to your elbows and rest your forearms on the floor as you do the poses. If you have neck pain, keep your head in a neutral alignment with your spine during the poses and do not raise or lower your head.

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