Reduce stress by exercises


As we all know that exercises are regarded as one of the most effective way to eliminate stress. Together with helping you lose weight and feel healthier and stronger, doing exercise brings a lot of benefits to your mental and emotional well being including improving your mood as well as increasing your resilience against the stresses of life. Now, let’s look at some suggested tips that you can take up to cut stress only by exercising.


  1. Review the current exercise regimen

According to Maria Wilson from the American College of Sports, every healthy adult should have and establish a regular exercise routine for themselves not only to strengthen their physical health, but also the mental one. Let’s:

  • Take part in at least 20 minutes of vigorous cardio activity a day and 3 days each week to minimize stress
  • Replace this cardio with more moderate activities (if necessary), however you should practice 5 days a week for a period 30 minutes each time instead.
  • Incorporate exercisesthat can train strength (about 10 different strength-training exercises are recommended, they should be performed in sets of 10 repetitions, 2 times a week)
  1. Take up a new exercise regimen

If you really do not want to jump into a strenuous exercise regimen only to injure yourself and increase your stress, let’s try some ways below:

  • Start with some kinds of simple and easy activities such as walking, cycling, hiking, or enrolling a beginning dance class to ease into new exercises
  • Do gym: practicing in a well-structured environment with workout professionals available to help you will certainly create and enhance your motivation and commitment to exercises, and decrease the stress related to a new exercise routine as well.
  1. Do your favorable activities

Of course, when doing something you really enjoy, you will feel more comfortable, less stressful and take your mind off of life’s challenges. In addition, playing a favorite sport with enjoyable music may increase significantly your sense of relaxation.

  1. Doing green exercises”

Many experts believe that doing exercises outdoors, near bodies of mountains, water or greenery will improve your mood a lot, for example, you can cycle near the water or run on the beach.

  1. Doing exercises with friends or colleagues

A research from Michigan indicates that doing exercises with others like friends or colleagues will help you to feel slightly calmer. Whether you are talking to with them or not when you exercise is not really the main reason. Just the presence of them alongside you when exercising, you will feel motivated and decrease your stress as a result.

6. Have exercise breaks

 If you are taking part in a extremely stressful working day, you had better take 20-30-minute breaks in the middle of the day for some simple exercises like walking or just running up and down stairs or stretch

  1. Plan for keeping yourself in an exercise regimen
  • Ask your family or friends to remind you to exercise and get back on track especially you are busy to dealt with a lot of workload
  • Mark your regimen on your work calendar and make priority your exercises by blocking out time for it.
  • Another way is using online or cell phone alerts as a reminder to help you establish a regular commitment to exercise.

These above are 7 easy and very simple tips that you may take up to eliminate stress better only by exercising frequently and properly

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