Quitting Smoking: Tips for the First Hard Days


Quitting smoking can be a long and hard process, and many find it difficult in the first days after quitting. Tobacco cravings can wear you down when you’re trying to reach your goal. The following ways can help you resist cravings and have one step closer to stopping smoking for good.

quit smoking

  1. Sip Cold Water and Eat Small Meals

Sipping cold water through a straw can reduce your craving for pulling on a cigarette. It also releases dopamine, a chemical that activate your happiness and help ease bad moods, research shows.

Eat Small Meals1Eating 4 to 6 small meals during the day instead of 1 or 2 large ones can also help you fight the urge to smoke. Follow a diet with lean, healthy foods to prevent weight gain.

  1. Write Down Rewards

You can remind yourself the benefits of a totally smoke-free life by write down them. Keep a written list of the reasons you want to stop smoking as you begin to notice them. These might include feeling in control, getting healthier, saving money, smelling better, tasting food more vividly, and feeling more energetic. Every time you get urge to smoke, look at your list as a reminder of what benefits you from quitting.

  1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly
Brush your teeth regularly
Brush your teeth regularly

One of the clear benefits of quitting is that your mouth tastes better and your breath smells better. Brush your teeth regularly and enjoy that fresh taste. By doing this, you’ll be less inclined to suck on a cigarette and foul that clean, fresh mouth.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol for at least a couple of months as it can bring you back to smoking. The reason is that alcohol affects parts of the brain responsible for self-control, thus breaks down self-restraint, and that can break your commitment to quitting. Many people also link the act of drinking with smoking, so it may trigger a desire to draw on a cigarette.

  1. Set Your Own No-Smoking Zones

When the urge to smoke strikes, find a place where you can’t smoke, for instance, a theatre, a library, or a store. The more distracting the place is, the easier it will be to control cravings.

  1. Get physical

Physical activity can help distract you from cravings and make the urge to smoke lessen. You can get out for a walk or jog 30 minutes per day. If you have to stay at home or work at the office, try squats, deep knee bends, push-ups, lunges, running in place, touching your toes or walking up and down stairs. If you still can’t get physical, try some other activities as prayer, needlework, woodwork or journaling. Doing chores for distraction, such as vacuuming or filing paperwork is also a good idea.

Staying tobacco-free is really not easy and the first few days after quitting smoking can be hard for anyone. However, obviously trying something to fight the urge is always better than doing nothing.



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