Why you should practice aerobic to lose weight quickly?


Many studies indicate that aerobic exercise can help with weight loss effectively under the mobilization of the entire body, to understand better about how it works, let’s find it below:


Why aerobic helps weight loss?

  1. Burn calories from the body movement

In fact, your weight is loosening due to the calorie deficit in the body. Aerobic is the great body movement which is designed with rapid mobilization, constantly affecting the muscles in the arms, legs and hips. In addition, it not only helps lose thighs and biceps fat, but also reduce total body fat.

  1. Reduce stress and feel more relaxed

Stress – the culprit to weight gain as well as negative health problems. When you get in high stress, you will feel more appetite. Even in times of stress, people are relieved by eating more and more and gain weight a lot.

When practising aerobic, the whole body and mental will focus on exercises and melodies, you will easily forget the sorrow as well as anxiety. On the other hand, it helps release endorphins and makes you feel happier.

  1. Good for Health

Aerobic exercises are rhythmic exercises which make you breathe faster and deeper, and so your heart beats faster in a continuous time. This helps provide oxygen to the muscles around the body and efficient handling of waste. Researchers said that practising aerobic exercise half an hour a day can help you live longer and healthier.

  1. Aerobic is weight loss exercise for groups

As recommended, if you want to lose weight effectively and quickly, so apply the plan to lose weight in groups and in teams to exchange experiences, share the happiness, sadness, overcome the existing.

Some experience for effective weight loss with aerobic training:

– If you want to lose weight, then set about 5 to 6 sessions / week, weight loss is a long process that you cannot be hurried, but must persevere combine with proper diet.

– In the first session, you should focus on light moves, then gradually accelerating.

– Do not skip the start-up action or heat the body, muscle and do the joints stretch to fit the exercises.

– About the dress and shoes, you should invest in it to create excitement during practicing: You should choose comfortable, spontaneous and not fussy clothes, simple clothe with cotton material is the best. Only when you create a sense of comfort to the body, it will help the process of training more effective.



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