Pears could help people enjoy healthy lives


Pears are considered to be one of the most favorite fruits to people because they not only have sweet flavor but also compose of important vitamins, fibre, calcium, iron, copper and other micro-substances. In addition to delicious taste, pears contribute great benefits to make people healthier.

Pears possibly decline risks of suffering from cancer.
Source: The Internet

Serving a large quantity of pears regularly could prevent people from constipation and boost the body to eliminate poisonous chemicals causing cancers as well. A medium pear naturally contains from 8 to 10 grams of fibre which is good for digestive system.

A research revealed that ingesting a pear or a glass of pear juice after daily meals possibly reduce of a large amount of dangerous toxins accumulating in the body.

The survey showed that the bodies of those people who frequently smoke or eat grilled meat accumulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – a chemical causing cancer. The level of this toxic substance would reduce significantly after eating pears, particularly a glass of warm pear juice.

Researchers conducted experiments on smokers to investigate health benefits of pears. They asked participants to digest 750 grams of pears within 4 days and identify the level of 1-hydroxypyrene transferred from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons before and after serving pears.

The result pointed that having pears after 6-hour smoking would eliminate remarkably 1-hydroxypyrene in blood throughout urine. If people do not eat pears, this harmful substance is seldom disposed out of the body. Warm pear juice contains a lot of polyphenol which is anti-cancer substance.

Despite having sweet flavor, pears are in low calories and fatty substances. Therefore, the elderly consuming many pears would help refresh organs inside their bodies and soften arteries. Pears are also beneficial to treatment for disorders and diseases such as anorexia, chronic throat sore and enteritidis.

Furthermore, pears are considered to be an effective remedy for reducing fever because it can control the body excess heat. Consequently, if you or one of your family members suffered from serious fever, a large glass of pear juice would be a good solution to relieve symptoms.

Finally, vitamin C-rich pears will support the body fight against free radical to protect cells, which prevents from skin aging and keep your body healthy.

Medical experts suggested that the intake of pears should not be too much although pears have many health benefits. People having cough caused by cold, cold stomach symptoms and women after births should be careful before eating pears.



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