Healthy eating habits of Indians


You will be surprised to know that Indian cuisine has a history of nearly 5.000 years. Possessing a unique foods tradition, Indian foods is very diverse. India is one of the countries having the healthiest eating habits.

Indians eating habits

Spices, vegetables, fruits and herbs are the indispensable foods in daily meals of people in the 2nd populous country in the world. According to Hack Life, these 5 following eating habits have helped the Indians to have a good health.

 Spices also have the ‘power’ of curing

Turmeric powder, curry, mustard, dill, pepper, cinnamon… are the indispensable spices in Indian meals. They not only add taste to dishes but also serve as antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication. Besides creating attractive colors for stews and curries, turmeric powder (haldi) is a wonderful spice heps control cholesterol level and blood pressure. Regular use of turmeric poeder also helps reduce the risk of heart failure.  Pepper is an herb for weight loss. In addition, these tiny little spicy seeds is capable of detoxifying and improvingthe immune system. Curry leaves (Kadi Patta) not only brings a wonderful smell to dishes, but it is also incredibly beneficial to the health as it burns fat in the body. One more thing, it helps the liver works well and maintain blood sugar levels in the body.

The Indians always use fresh food

The majority of Indians use fresh food to cook whether they have to prepare 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.It may sound a little bit strange and time-wasting to those in the West, but this habit is very normal for Indians. Although they are very busy, they rarely use frozen foods for their own sake.Indians are very reluctant to use processed foods. The reason is because the natural structure of the foods will completely alter when being processed.For them, cooking with fresh and healthy foods is a method of preventing a number of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

Tasty drinks

Lassi, nimbu pani  masala doodh… are just a few typical drinks in the list of non-alcoholic and tasty beverages of the Indians.These all bring good health effects while alcohol only causes diseases such as stroke, liver failure and other serious illnesses.Whether on the street or in a restaurant, winter or summer, in India, you will always enjoy the spicy drinks, herbs and taste like this.

Bread is the main food

As the preparation process of bread is simple and this food is easy to digest as well as providing sufficient proteins and carbohydrates, bread is an integral part of the Indian menu.


An Indian dish will not be ‘perfect’ without chutney. For futher information, this food is made from yogurt, mint, cucumber, coconut, walnuts and peanuts. Chutney can both be considered as a main dish or a condiment.



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