Notes when using yogurt


Yogurt is one of the most popular kind of foods people eat every day, however, there are some notes that need to be aware of as follows:


Should only eat 2 cups of yogurt every day

No matter how much you like yogurt, you should not eat too much, especially after meals as this can cause your body weight increases rapidly.

The reason why you should not eat yogurt after meals is yogurt itself already contains a certain amount of calorie, so if you eat immediately after a meal, it means that you load more excess energy into the body and putting on weight is unavoidable.

With healthy people, it is best to eat 1 to 2 cups of yogurt a day. For your information, the best time to eat yogurt is after a meal about 30 minutes to 1 hour to regulate the beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract.

Yogurt can be warmed up

Due to fear of destroying the beneficial bacteria in yogurt in high temperatures, many people only use frozen yogurt, but actually this is not entirely true. Warmng yogurt not only does not affect the nutritional value of it but also increases the activity of good bacteria as well as increasing the protective effect.

Yogurt may not be combined with any kind of food

If you eat yogurt with the meat with high fat content, such as sausage or bacon, it is likely that you will harm your health. That is because sulfurous acid H2SO3 in these foods can combine with amine in yogurt and create carcinogens. One more thing, if you use yogurt with antibiotics such as cloramfenikon, erythromycin, sunfa, it means you destroy the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt. But you absolutely do not have to worry when combining yogurt with starchy foods such as rice, bread, noodle or dumpling…

Yogurt does not help lose weight

The only meaning of yogurt is giving those who are interested in losing weight the feeling of satiety and thereby can reduce the amount of food intake in a meal afterwards. However, because the energy in yogurt is even higher than regular milk, if you eat more yogurt, your weight will increase.

For that reason, if you are in the diet, choose the type of low-fat or low-energy yogurt.

Yogurt and drinking yogurt is not the same

Yogurt and drinking yogurt are always thought to be the same, nevertheless, in fact these are two completely different products. Yogurt is made from pure milk fermentated. For drinking yogurt, it is a product line of soft drinks.

For further information, yogurt has very high nutritional content. According to regulations, every 100g of yogurt contain at least 2.9 g protein. Meanwhile, the nutrient content in drinking yogurt is only 1/3 of them, about 1g protein per 100g.



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