Notes for practicing Yoga


Today more and more people practice Yoga because this is an effective method for improving physical and mental health. However, practicing the wrong way can happen unnecessary injuries caused pains for practitioners or to reduce the effectiveness of training. Some precautions can help you improve the quality of the training session.


What to Wear

You should wear clothing that is flexible, non-binding and appropriate to season and temperature such as shorts, T-shirt, leggings. You need to avoid wearing socks, tops with tight or turtle necks and avoid baggy clothing that lumps up when practicing.

When to practice

You should practice on an empty stomach. Wait 3-4 hours after a large meal, 1-2 hours after a light snack. It is the best time of all for you to practice in early morning before any food taken. In the formal Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition no asana (posture) practice is done on new and full moon days.

How long to practice

A 2-3 hour practice time, once a day, on a daily basis is ideal for advanced students. This is not always possible. If you are too busy, a half an hour, or an hour, daily is still enough time to benefit from the practice. Under extraordinary circumstances little 2-5 minute sessions spaced throughout the day are useful. Remember 5 minutes of practice is far better than none.


The efficiency of movement will be improved if you practice in a right way with a senior coach’s guidance. The coach will advise you suitable movements in order to achieve high quality and avoid unnecessary injury. This helps you practice in a scientific method that is safe and suitable for your own purposes.

How to breathe

In the process of yoga, breathing is one of the most important factors. Fast and shallow breathing increases the amount of carbon dioxide, causing blood pooling in the spleen that is a reason of abdominal pain and cramps phenomenon. Breathing in a wrong way can affect the nervous system, make mind unclear and difficult to recover.

Under the guidance of experienced coach, you need to practice deep breathing to increase oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide.

Listen to your body

Nobody can feel your body parts as you do by yourself. Listen to your body while practicing yoga. You should not do too hard poses in a short time but you also should not be lazy to overcome the limits. After each pose, you notice the relaxed or recuperated postures, which help relax and receive the benefits of yoga.

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