Kinds of vegetables protecting your liver


 Vegetables has not only vitamins but also rich in fiber, cellulose, acids, inorganic salts … These substances are indispensable components of nutrition in the process of recovery of liver patients. Here are the vegetables extremely useful for your liver.

Crop of vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables.


Garlic belongs to the lily family which tastes acrid and spicy. People with liver disease shouldn’t eat raw garlic because it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C… Its extract has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and it has effect of softening blood vessels…


Cabbage  is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1 , vitamin B2. It also contains carotene, vitamin E, which are very effective for people sufffering from stomach ulcer and duodenal pain.

Mushroom tastes sweet and contains kinds of vitamins, protein, fat and inorganic salts… Experiments have proven that sugars have effect of  regulating the immune system and preventing the tumor. People suffer from liver disease who should eat mushroom very often.


Seaweed has cold property and tastes salty. It is rich in iodine, alginic acid, vitamin, protein and fat. It has effect of removing sputum from throat. According to the study , its extract can inhibit the platelet aggregation, lipid oxidation and and prevent the ulcer. Lotus seedsLotus seeds are abundant in protein, fat, colchicine. It has effect of treating cough  and softening the nerves. Colchicine substance is effective in preventing liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. If you frequently eat lotus seeds, it can help you to prevent cirrhosis.


Radish is rich in vitamins A rough (carotene). Its essential oils can evaporate. This kind of  vegetable contains a lot of nutrients, aid digestion. It can be cooked or eaten raw. It works in improving the levels of vitamin A for liver patients which prevent the occurrence of cancer indirectly.


Tomatoes are of solanaceous family. It tastes sweet an sour, which is rich in protein, fat, inorganic salts, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and carotene… It has effect of detoxification. It can be cooked or eaten raw.


Squash tastes sweet and rich in protein, vitamins, adenine, niacin. Squash seeds can eliminate pimples, sputum and treat cough.


Cucumber contains pentose, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, protein. Fiber in the cucumber has the effect of promoting excretion of toxins in the gut and reducing cholesterol. Alcohol acid can inhibit carbohydrate in converting into fat. Particularly, it is suitable in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease.

The above mentioned vegetables are the foods commonly used in daily life. They are rich in nutrients, which are very useful for people suffering from liver disease.



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