How to keep your body moving all day?


Are you spending more than six hours sitting in an office chair every day? Do you find it extremely difficult to arrange time for physical activities? Then here are some facts which can make you completely shocked: You are 64 percent more likely to face the risk associated with heart diseases. You’re shaving off seven years of quality life. More seriously, you’re at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. In other words, sitting is slowly worsening your health and killing yourself. The solution to this problem is obvious: managing time for regular physical exercises, but more importantly, you should be aware of how to keep your body moving all day long, especially during working hours.

  1. Avoid sitting as much as possible

keep body moving

The first way that you can use to make your body physically active is try to stand whenever you can. If you’re going to make a long conversation via phone, stand up and walk around to talk. Similarly, if you’re watching TV at home, instead of sitting or lying on a couch, start moving around and do some simple exercises. Another recommendation is to replace your easy chair with an exercise bike or rower, or switching your at-home desk out for an exercise desk. Also, while preparing for a meal, you had better stand as much as possible.

  1. Take advantage of lunch time

If your work require the whole day sitting on your desk, take advantage of lunch time to be physically active. Instead of driving to your favorite restaurant or request food delivery service to your office, consider walking to your lunch spot. If your office is far from any potential restaurants, you can walk outside after finishing your lunch.

  1. Arrange a schedule for moving

Prepare a regular schedule for moving every day. If you are afraid that you may forget your schedule, set an egg timer, a smartphone app or an alarm on your wristwatch to go off every 60 minutes. The alarm tone reminds you to do simple activities, such as stretching or light strength training or walking around your work place.

  1. Do simple exercises at your desk

Desk push-ups

If you are bored with mentioned activities such as stretching or walking around your office building, there are several body weight exercise options for you to choose, including:

– Chair squats: The chair squat is a compound strength exercise which targets numerous muscles in the lower body.

– Desk push-ups: an effective way to work your chest, triceps, and core muscles, just use your desk to do a simple push up movement.

  1. Get your colleagues involved

Surely, you’re not the only person in your company wants to have a healthier lifestyle, so get your co-workers involved in your physical activities. When everyone have the same target, it’s easier to reduce unhealthy habits such as picking up donuts on the way to work or request fast food delivery at lunch.



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