Jogging – a “magic” for your health


Jogging is a simple exercise for a healthy body that anyone can practice. It not only gives you many health benefits but also makes your spirit fresher and even prevents you from disease.


According to a study by the Medical college of Wisconsin and Washington DC VA Medical Center, jogging can help you burn average 2961-3633kJ in one hour. American Heart Association also said that jogging is very beneficial for your heart. When you run, the blood will be pushed into the heart, forcing the heart to pump blood back immediately. It means that the faster you run, the better your heart is.

Moreover, a nationwide survey of health and nutrition in the US discovered that obese women are at the risk of Knee Osteoarthritis 4 times higher than the non-obese women and it’s 5 times with men. The joggers often have a more stable weight than people who sit much, thus they significantly reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Jogging helps not only in weight loss but also strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis.

University of Georgia also made a survey in which participants take caffeine pills to cause anxiety and then a group of them took a rest in an hour while another group did exercise.  And the result showed that doing exercise effectively reduces anxiety 3 times higher. Experts on mental health even use jogging to help treat clinical depression and other psychological disorders such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

Most experts agree that regular jogging can reduce the risk of cancer. According to a study on the British Journal of Cancer, joggers who walk 5 to 6 hours per week can reduce 24% the risk of colon cancer than people who is more sedentary (30 minutes per week). In addition, a study by the Association of American Cancer Institute shows that women who prefer activity like jogging, tennis or aerobics will down 30% risk of breast cancer compared with who don’t play sports. Therefore, the habit of regular jogging can help you prevent cancer as well as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Beside the benefit both mentally and physically that jogging brings for you, longevity is an indisputable advantage. According to a long-term study on the effects of jogging for health by Stanford University, regular exercise also can reduce the risk of sickness and death up to 20%.

In conclusion, jogging is actually a “magic method” for your health, so create a good habit from now.



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