Is exercising in the morning good for health?


Some of us like to get up early to do exercise but the others prefer to do it in the afternoon because they think that getting up early in the morning is really harmful for their health. However, this opinion is completely wrong. If exercising in the afternoon helps strengthen body muscles, the morning exercises will bring you wonderful benefits that not everyone knows.


Lose weight

If you are finding an effective way to lose weight and have a more attractive body, so doing exercise in the morning will be best for you. In the morning when you have not eaten anything, the exercises will help you burn the fat reserving in your body quickly. And with a regular exercise process you will be surprised with what you get.

Refresh yourself

After a deep sleep when waking up in the morning; some simple exercises like walking, playing tennis, badminton or jogging will help you dispel the fatigue of the previous day and make your mind fresher to start a new day. In addition, these exercises are also a “good pill” for the muscles, your circulatory system and respiratory system.

Avoid unwanted diseases

A few minutes of booting in the morning will help the metabolism in your body work more effectively. Many studies indicate that if the older does exercise 6 hours per week, their immunity system will be improved significantly to combat disease.

Moreover, physical activities help provide more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, making the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. In fact, regular physical exercising can help you prevent or manage health problems like cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, stroke, diabetes, depression, cancer and arthritis.

Sleep well

Doing exercise regularly will affect positively on the quality of your sleep. It helps you go to bed on time and have a deeper sleep. In particularly, this factor is very good for your body because it would be difficult to maintain the body weight and improve your heart health without a proper rest mode.

Although doing exercise in the morning is especially encouraged, the best time to do exercise depends on the body’s circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm regulates everything including body temperature, metabolism and blood pressure. According to scientific studies, our body adapts to a 24 hour circle and each person must determine when he/she can work with a special regime. Therefore, do not try to force myself to work oppositely with the body’s circadian rhythm.

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