How to use cooking oil not to harm your health


Cooking oil is indispensable in every home kitchen, however, if being used improperly it can also be a hazard to health. Here are some good advice for using cooking oil the right way:

cooking oil

There should be two types of cooking oil in your kitchen:

One type should be used for frying, for example cooking oil because of the ability to withstand high temperature during cooking.

Another one should only be used for seasoning foods or can be directly eaten with raw material (salads). Some of them are sunflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil or olive oil… They help users for good absorption of vitamin A, D, E and K available in foods and supplement essential fatty acids as well as increasing the taste of food.

 No re-use cooking oil more than once

Many people have the habit  of saving used oil for the next meal. But in fact, this is not a good habit for health, because when the oil is heated for several times, not only nutrients disappear but some harmful substances can also appear.

Frequent re-use cooking oil will increase the risk of cancer. In addition, re-use cooking oil is susceptible to oxidation and leads to adverse changes in taste and color of food.

Foods when frying with new oil will have fresh color and look delicious while with re-use oil, they are  dark yellow, unattractive and unsafe for health.

 Do not use oil at high temperature

When using temperature that exceeds the ‘fuming point’ of oil, the oil will burn with unpleasant smell. This not only destroys the nutrients in foods but also generates peroxide and other harmful substances.Doctors recommend it is best to use moderate temperature when cooking, especially when frying. Or, you could change the way of doing that by to let the pan until it gets hot, then add the oil, finally comes the foods.

Use oils in alternation for children

The demand for fat in children can range from 30% to 40% of dietary energy to meet the needs of growth and development in their early years. During this period, parents should provide them with a variety type of oils, from both plant and animal sources, especially DHA, omega 3 found in salmon oil and some other vegetable oils.

Use oils contain omega 3, 6 and 9 for the elderly

The vegetable oils rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, such as soybean oil, olive oil…play an important role in metabolizing bad cholesterol in the blood to help prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure in the elderly.Besides, older people should avoid animal fat because fatty acids and cholesterol in animal fat will contribute to increase blood cholesterol levels as well as leading to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.



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