How to lose weight effectively with banana


Using banana for weight loss is very popular in Japan and some other Asian countries. The reason is that bananas help boost the metabolism, creating a protective layer in the intestines to help destroy toxins and stimulate digestion. In addition, bananas also contain other types of fiber which will be fermented in the stomach to help burn fat by 20 to 25%, thereby reducing energy intake and avoiding the accumulation of excess fat.


In addition, banana is a fruit rich in nutrients, which has a lot of vitamins, minerals and especially potassium. According to several scientific studies, banana is also indicated to help lower cholesterol, purify blood, prevent gastric ulcers, relieve sadness and cough effectively.

Although banana brings us so many benefits, it contains very little calorie. That’s why many people use it as an effective weight loss method.

And here is the diet with banana:

Breakfast: Eat two bananas and a glass of warm water, do not eat anything more.

Lunch: Eat a banana before the main meal, and down 30% of this meal compared with routine meals.

In the afternoon: If hungry, you can eat a banana, and do not eat any other food.

Dinner: Like the lunch, eat a banana before the main meal and reduce 30% of the diet. Avoid desserts and sweets so that the weight loss process is faster and more effective.

Things to keep in mind when losing weight by bananas:

– Implementing this diet does not mean that you completely replace all the meal of the day with a banana.

– Only eat bananas until you feel full, then drink a glass of warm water.

– Do not go to bed late and sleep 8 hours a day to help maintain a healthy body.

– Do not eat banana in the fridge because it can easily lead to intestinal cold, affecting the function of the stomach.

– Drink more water and eat more vegetable.


– People with excessive gastric acid, intestinal pain, poor digestion and diarrhea should refrain from eating bananas.

Is weight loss with banana really effective?

Many experts of Japan have confirmed that losing weight by eating banana is extremely effective and in fact, many people have succeeded with this method. However, if you do not like to eat bananas, you can completely use lemon or another fruit to help with weight loss safely.



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