How to lose weight effectively in 3 days


Weight loss is not simply the fasting or regular exercise, it actually requires you combine many different factors such as method, perseverance and daily diet. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you can follow these two methods for 3 days without worrying about affecting the health.

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Method 1: Proper diet

Here is a scientific and healthy diet which has been recognized by the leading nutrition experts to be good for the health of users. In just 3 days, your weight will be reduced up to 5 kg.

Day 1:

– Breakfast: An apple and a glass of fruit juice.

– Lunch: A plate of fruit salad and a cup of water.

– Dinner: A plate of fruit salad and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Day 2:

– Breakfast: A plate of fruit and a little cold food with a glass of water.

– Lunch: A plate of fresh vegetable salad and a glass of water.

– Dinner: Fresh vegetables and two apples.

Day 3:

– Breakfast: A plate of mixed fruit and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

– Lunch: A plate of fresh vegetable salad and a glass of water.

– Dinner: A bowl of soup.

Note: Within 3 days, you should only eat fresh and boiled vegetables or fruit and you should only apply this way once a month.

The sudden switch from a full diet to only vegetables diet can cause fatigue for many people (especially those who cannot eat vegetables). Therefore, you should let your body get used to the diet by changing slowly.

Method 2: Diet with apples

An apple has a lot of fiber to help your digestive system work well. Besides, apples also contain vitamins A, C, E, potassium and calcium which provide enough essential nutrients for the body. In addition, the antioxidants in apples may slow down 20% of the aging process than normal, so apple is considered as a good pill for women’s beauty.

Diet with apples

Day 1:

– Breakfast: A slice of bread with a slice of cheese and 3 slices of apple.

– Between breakfast: An apple and a cake.

– Lunch: Fish salad: a sliced ​​fish with an orange and an apple. You can eat more fat-free yogurt and lemon juice.

– Between lunch and dinner: Nonfat cheese and an apple.

– Dinner: 2 slices of rye bread with an apple and a few slices of cucumber.

Day 2:

– Breakfast: A grinded apple (not peeled) with raisins and a glass of low fat milk.

– Between breakfast and lunch: An apple.

– Lunch: A saltine crackers with one egg and an apple. You can eat a box of yogurt as well.

– Dinner: A bowl of mixed rice and sliced ​​apples with a banana.

Day 3:

– Breakfast: A slice of rye bread with 2 slices of nonfat cheese and an apple.

– Lunch: A piece of chicken breast or lean beef  and an apple.

– Dinner: Salad with 2 carrots, an apple, raisins and 2 slices of low-fat cheese.

Note: You should eat at least three apples a day, and even more for a quick weight loss.



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