How to know you are under stress attack


Due to pressure of work and life that many people have fallen into prolonged stress. As a result, your health will be influenced greatly and your spirit is no longer lucid. So, how to identify that you are suffering from stress?

stress attack

  1. Frequent backaches and neck pain

If you have shoulder pain, neck stiffness or lower back pain after a long day of work, it can be the warning signs that your body is under stress attack. The level of stress creates discomfort and aching muscles by tightening the muscles, causing muscle contractions, Dr. Colgan said. When muscles in the neck are painful, it can lead to headaches.

If back pain occurs after an accident or emotional injury, it can also be a sign of stress disorder. US National Institutes of Health recommend that if you are in this case, you should talk with your doctor because many people cannot afford to treat back pain until they deal with the stress caused by emotions.

Many relaxing methods can help reduce stress, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga and massage; simultaneously, try to spend a lot of time for rest in order to prevent the muscle spasms.

  1. Insomnia

Waking up and feeling nervous or constantly thinking about something may be signs of anxiety or depression, Dr. Colgan said. He added, normally, after a long tiring day, sleep come very easily and it is an appropriate time for the brain to relax. However, if you feel tired but still cannot sleep, it was obvious fatigue-related stress. When you get insomnia, you will feel very uncomfortable, making your body more tired, psychological disturbances can lead to disappointment and hurt.

In addition, you should talk to your doctor if this often happens. To improve sleep, you also should cut off caffeinated drinks and alcohol as well as increasing exercise.

  1. Hair loss

If your hair tends to fall increasingly after waking up every morning, you may be under serious stress, particularly stress related to a traumatic event in your life. This disease usually occurs in young women. In most cases, this situation is only temporary and hair will grow back after stress is resolved.

  1. Difficulty in concentration

When you feel it is difficult to concentrate on what is happening, or cannot remember simple things like the name of a colleague, so it may be a warning sign of overworking. Researches show that a long-term exposure to cortisol can narrow the hippocampus part, the brain’s memory center. In addition, the researchers also demonstrated that long-term stress can stimulate the growth of the proteins causing Alzheimer’s disease.



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