How to increase height by foods?


Calcium-rich seafood, spinach, carrots, eggs and oatmeal… are foods that help children increase their height.

Ideal height is always the dream of many young people because of the fact that those who are tall will always be confident in communication. That is why they have strong personality and more likely to succeed in the job. Although genetic factors play an important role in deciding the height of a child, the food intake is also a big part in supporting the growth in height. Adding the following foods will help your children get the same or even above the height as standard.

Foods rich in iron

If the body is lacking iron, there will be a slow growth in both height and weight. Hence, add foods rich in iron such as meat, fish, beans, spinach… to your daily meals.


Seafood is always of high calcium content. Of course we know that calcium accounts for 99% of the bones and teeth structure. For this reason, the calcium deficiency will limit the height of body, especially for growing children. Parents should supply more food sources of calcium from seafood such as crab, prawn, shrimp, fish…


Yogurt is very rich in vitamin D and calcium – components that are of great importance for the growth of body height. Besides yogurt, we can use cheese, butter or other dairy products for better height growth.



Carrot contains vitamin A, which is not only good for the eyes but also for promoting the mechanism of protein synthesis and helping to grow in height. If your children do not like to eat raw carrots, they can drink fresh carrot juice instead.


In spinach, we found steroid which has the effect of promoting the production of natural protein in the body up to 20%. This vegetable is also very rich in beta-carotene and calcium, good for bones and teeth.


Most children love to eat eggs because eggs are rich in protein. Children can eat eggs with many different forms such as boiled, fried or omelet. Protein in egg is essential for the development of the children.


Oatmeal is rich in protein but low in fat and is the best choice for your kids daily breakfast. You can make oatmeal into different dishes to arouse the taste of children.


Chicken is rich in protein and helps with the height growth. Most children like to eat chicken, so you do not have to struggle to persuade them to eat. You can feed your kids with roasted chicken and serve with salads.


 Black soybean

Beans, in general are good foods for the growth and development. Black soybeans contain high protein content which is a ideal source for growth in height.


Almost all fruits, especially those which are high in vitamin A such as peach and mango are good for the development of the body. ‘Train’ your children to eat fresh fruit at an early age, this will help them have healthy eating habits and height as standard.


Drink about 2 liters of water a day has the effect of promoting muscle growth and eliminating toxins from the body as well as helping your child achieve optimal height

Taking part in outdoor activities

Taking part in outdoor activities

Together with these foods, you must ensure that your children participate in outdoor activities and play sports to develop their muscles and increase stamina. There is special training to help them increase the height, for example swimming or playing volleyball.



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