How to improve bones and joints by exercising


We know that there are a lot of different ways to promote your stronger joints and bones, besides a healthy diet, exercising is highly recommended as well. Let’s figure out some tips together to exercise properly to get the best result.


  1. Get advice from the doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

It is really essential to make appointment and discuss your plan carefully with your doctor before you take up an exercise regimen because she or he can help you to decide what exercises will be the most suitable for you based on your physical conditions that include weight, height, age and some medical conditions you have.

  1. Incorporate weight-bearing exercises to enhance bone density:

Walking, dancing, running or playing some sports like soccer, volleyball and basketball are typical examples of weight-bearing exercises, which not only  help your body to build more bone mass, but also strengthen your bone density that you have. It is a good idea if you spend at least 30 minutes a day practicing these exercises. If you find that it is too challenging, you can break into smaller exercises of 10 minutes, and do three times each day.

  1. Perform low impact exercises to keep your joints.

If you are likely to concentrate on seeking some kinds of exercises that will not hurt your joints, another suggestion for you is taking up certain low impact exercises like swimming, biking or walking, which will provide you with a good cardiovascular workout without creating much stress on your joints. Similarly to weight-bearing exercises, you are advised to practice these exercises approximately 30 minutes per day or 10 minutes three times per day, in other words.

  1. Take up resistance training:

Building strength in your muscles also plays an important role in protecting your joints and bones. In reality, having strong and healthy muscles can help prevent osteoporosis. You had better be sure that you build strength in every your main muscle groups, especially your core in back and stomach, which will certainly help you prevent posture problems later on.

  1. Think of a yoga class:

Besides weight-bearing, low-impact exercises or resistance training you should consider about taking up a yoga class into your regime, which not only possesses positive effects on your emotions, but also strengthens your physical health, especially helps to keep your joints and bones healthy by incorporating balance and stretching exercises into your exercise regimen.

  1. Allow time for your body to recover

It is good if you make attempt to do exercises, however you also need to give yourself a day to take a rest and relax per week so that you will not injure yourself and your body will have time to recover itself after you have exercised.

These above are some ways of exercising that will help you keep healthy and strengthen your bones and joints as well.



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