How to get a slim belly with lemon


Lemon is a fruit rich in nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrate and protein, but very low in calories. Vitamin C in lemon helps promote the metabolism and digestive systems, reducing belly fat effectively.

Lemon also has effect of purifying the body and stimulating the digestive systems which are very beneficial in weight loss. Losing weigh with lemon requires you a lot of patience because this method will work after at least a week or more.


No need to be too fussy as other weight loss methods, just a few minutes each day, you can succeed with fat loss from lemon. And here are some simple formulas for losing weight with lemon.

Formula 1

– You should choose fresh lemons, and squeeze it into lemon juice.

– Mix the lemon juice with water (hot or cold). Do not add sugar because it can make you gain weight.

– Drink this mixture after breakfast and before bedtime.

Formula 1

Formula 2

– Take 300ml of warm water.

– Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of pure honey then stir up.

– ┬áDrink this mixture after breakfast and dinner will have the effect of reducing belly fat fastly.

With simple weight loss method, you can still provide an adequate amount of water for the body every day besides effectively supporting the belly fat losing process and help you a healthy skin.

Formula 2

Formula 3

– Cut lemon into thin slices and then apply it on your belly in 20 minutes to reduce belly fat. The substance in the lemon will be transdermal and directly impact on the fat tissues to burn them.

Formula 3


– You should not eat snack while drinking lemonade.

– Instead of drinking water, you can drink diluted lemon juice about 2 liters each day.

– Do not drink lemonade when you are hungry because it will make your stomach very unpleasant and counterproductive to reduce belly fat.

Drinking the lemonade regularly as above, just after 1 week you will be surprised with your slim waist without changing daily diet. If you do not have demand of reducing belly fat, you still can use lemon every day to improve the health. Vitamins in lemon will help detoxify the liver, kidneys and lungs as well as improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism and adjusting the balance of the digestive system.

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