How to deal with loneliness


Loneliness is a word existing for decades and described as one of human beings’ emotions. According to Wiki Page, Loneliness is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship. To me, loneliness is simply understood as anxious feelings about a lack of connection with communities such as friends, colleagues, neighbors, families, lovers, etc. It is also known as a feeling of emptiness inside people. You feel isolated or separated from the world, cut off from those you would like to have contact with. There are a variety of reasons for loneliness. Someone feels lonely after a divorce while others blame for a very stressful life. However, no matter what are the causes, here are some practical tips for those who are self handling loneliness.

People who are socially isolated may be at a greater risk of dying sooner, a British study suggests. But do Facebook friends count? How about texting?

Recognize your own emotions

To avoid this negative emotion, you must accept that you are feeling lonely. Sometimes admitting that to ourselves is difficult but it is necessary to realize and then express those feelings. You could try writing a song or a poem, draw a picture, sing out loud, talk with others or doing something else to express your emotion inside you. In simple words, you must do something to let “it” go. By expressing your emotions, you could also free other negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness and somehow might be able to see where these feelings are coming from. As you begin to see your situation, your own feelings, the reason of loneliness, you will be more able to begin to make changes.

Become more active

If you could see your situation and its reason, try to be active in changing it. Nobody can help you unless you do it by your own. So,

If you are lonely because of a break, make new friends.

If you are lonely because of missing your family, write them a letter.

If you are lonely because of new working or living environment, be open and try to understand it more.

There are a lot of things, even the little things, which could be changed by you when you start being active with your life.

Get involved in activities

Getting involved in some sort of activity or club can accomplish several things.  It can take our minds off of feeling lonely as we get involved in the enjoyable activity. This way will offer you a lot of chances to make new friends with same interests and thoughts. And once you have a friend or two, nourish those friendships with time and attention.

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