How important is protein to the body


Protein keeps the body healthy and is the foundation for building muscle. Supplementing protein after exercises or playing sports is essential for muscle resilient.


What is protein?

Basically, protein is the macromolecular composed of amino acids that make up every cell in the body. For your information, protein is the foundation for muscle building and the body will not be able to operate without it. Protein deficiency can prevent you from achieving the desired weight and you will not be healthy enough to do exercises, play sports or take part in any other outdoor activities. The body is forced to use the stored energy from the bones and other vital organs such as your heart. You will weaken yourself very quickly.

The effects of protein

Not only keeping your body healthy and increasing muscle, protein is very good for bone, cartilage and blood. In addition, protein helps nourish the skin, hair and nails.

Protein supports your body to heal wounds and diseases, as well as improving the problems of sexual desire in men and hormone balancing in women.

Why do we need protein supplements after exercises

Heavy exercises cause muscle fibers ‘tear out’. That is when we need protein since it will help muscles recover faster. This is the reason why you should supplement protein within an hour after the workout finished.

Where can protein be found?

Chicken, turkey, eggs, fish and lean beef are great sources of protein. What is more, beans also provide protein, fat-free cheese is also a good choice.

What is the ideal protein absorption?

The amount of protein you need to absorb depends very much on the exercise programs or you weight loss plan. The best way to calculate the necessary amount of protein is to base on your target weight, rather than the current weight. For example, if you want to reach 180 pounds (about 80 kg), supplement 180g of protein to feed your muscles and remove fat. Let’s break down this amount by 24g protein supplements after every 2 to 3 hours for the body to easily absorb. For further information, eating more protein will only a waste.

 What if too much protein is absorbed?

 You will get fat! For protein, absorbing too much can also cause unwanted consequences. Along with weight gain, excess protein causes stomach pain. Additionally, when you consume too much protein, your body must remove more nitrogen waste products from your blood, which stresses your kidneys.

How many different types of protein?

In comparison with the value of protein, whey protein is the best for your health. Followed by dairy products, then comes the other foods. Beans and potatoes also contain protein, but just type C.



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